Boudoir Photography

Boudoir PhotographyWhat is Boudoir Photography?

Sexy, gorgeous, desirable. You’re all of that and more. Boudoir Photography refers to images that scream of romance, sensuality and flirtation. This can mean just the look in your eye, not what you are wearing. It has everything to due with a subjects attitude and state of mind.

A Boudoir photography session with Rachel is an experience you’ll remember for ever.  After a professional makeover and a browse through our books you can decide what kind of images and styles you want and are comfortable with lingerie or even dare to bear the choice is yours.

Maybe your getting married, maybe its his birthday, maybe your birthday, because it’s Valentine’s Day, just because you love him or because you’re a new you. We will create a beautiful and sexy  photographs that invokes confidence and a self belief in your unique feminine beauty.

We are specialist Boudoir and glamour photographers for Wrexham, Chester, North Wales and Cheshire. Offering luxury boudoir photography, burlesque photography, nude portraits, sexy glamour photo shoots, lingerie photography, pin-up photography, bridal boudoir portraits by specialist boudoir photographer Rachel Hale